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Welcome to the Products Page of Pharma’art Drugs! Discover our extensive range of high-quality consumer goods, carefully selected to cater to the diverse needs of Nigerian and West African consumers. We are proud to be a licensed marketer of drugs and pharmaceutical products, committed to enhancing the well-being of our customers. Explore our product categories below:


From anti-ulcer drugs to anti-malarials, antibiotics to analgesics, our range of pharmaceutical products addresses various health concerns. We ensure that you have access to the medications you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Personal care

Our personal care items cater to your daily well-being, offering a range of products such as skincare, haircare, oral care, and hygiene essentials. Experience the transformative power of our carefully selected personal care brands.


Quench your thirst and indulge your taste buds with our selection of refreshing beverages. From energy drinks to fruit juices, we bring you a range of options that are both flavorful and invigorating.

medical appliances

We also offer a range of medical appliances designed to enhance your well-being and support your healthcare needs. From diagnostic devices to mobility aids, our selection ensures you have access to the equipment that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Pirate parrot

Pirate Parrot is a groundbreaking app developed by Pharma’art Drugs Limited, designed to address two critical aspects of the digital world – piracy prevention and convenient e-commerce. This innovative solution is your ultimate companion in the fight against counterfeit products and a seamless shopping experience for verified consumer goods in Nigeria.