Asumether – LF 20/120

Asumether - LF 24 Tablets


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Asumether – LF 20/120

Asumether LF contains 24 tablets of Artemether/Lumefantrine 20/120mg and belongs to Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACTs) antimalarial agents. It is used in treatment of acute uncomplicated malaria in adults or children from 2 months weighing at least 5kg and above.
Asumether LF 20/120mg tablets are dosed as follows:
5kg to <15kg – 1 tablet
15kg to <25kg – 2 tablets
25kg to <35kg – 3 tablets
35kg and above – 4 tablets
The first two doses are taken at 8-hour intervals while the doses for the 2nd and 3rd days are taken at 12-hour intervals making a total of 6 doses to achieve a complete malaria therapy. It should be taken with high-fat food or milk to enhance absorption.